Date of Birth: 2/17/2020

Name Origin: The Witcher Short Stories Franchise


Triss is an accumulation of many years of breeding and then going back into our history and bringing those cherished “old foundation dogs” to the forefront in the pedigree. Triss brings the old working drive with years of breeding for temperament and structure together for a perfect fit. Her sire is the great Thor of Dell Mountain CD, and her maternal Grandfather is one of the main foundation dogs of our breed. A 100% Algaborium bred dog, Keel Tonel, who is behind many of today’s great dogs.

Triss is comfortable in the water, show ring, doing tricks, scent work or a variety of other performance events. A true all-around working dog with a sweet temperament who loves to please yet mischievous at the same time. We look forward to what lays in store with this lovely girl.


Triss' Pedigree

OFA Health Test

Triss is too young to have a Health Test performed on her.