Date of Birth: 07/18/2015

Name Origin: Portuguese Leader


Viriatos gets his name from one of the most important Lusitanian leaders that resisted Roman expansion into the western Iberian region (early Portugal). Viriatos was bred by Dr. Lou Guthrie and Steven Bean of Rough Sea’s Kennel and his pedigree goes back to my Foundation Dog, Mickey. In 2020 we hope to earn Viriatos’ Bronze Grand Championship, Apprentice Water dog, Companion Dog Excellent and Rally Excellent titles. We will also bring out some more of his puppies to show. Viriatos produces both black and brown colors and wavy and curly coats. Viriatos is an exuberant dog who loves to work and please his owner. He is an absolute joy to live with and finds such happiness in all he does.


Viriatos Pedigree
Viriatos' OFA Health Test

Improper Coat test – Normal