Date of Birth: 03/25/1987

Name Origin: Mickey Mouse from Disneyland


Mickey was my first Portuguese Water Dog and the reason I got many more and why I am still very active in the breed today. Bred by Kathryn and Cyril Braund, he was a true ambassador for our breed. Always well behaved, mellow and a joy to live with, Mickey earned his championship as a puppy and even took several breeds along the way. He ran lead on my sled team for 8+ years and competed in many races and endurance runs, including the 72-mile mail run across the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Mickey started his life with me as an 8-week-old puppy and lived on the South Fork of the American River in a tent. I was a guide for a commercial rafting company, and he came along on quite a few trips. He was the camp mascot and enjoyed everyone he met. Mickey died of hemangiosarcoma at 10 ½ years old. He produced 9 litters in his lifetime and passed on his great working temperament.


Mickey Pedigree
Mickey's OFA Health Test