Mickey was my first Portuguese Water Dog and the reason I got many more and why I am still very active in the breed today. Bred by Kathryn and Cyril Braund, he was a true ambassador for our breed. Always well behaved, mellow and a joy to live with, Mickey earned his championship as a puppy and even took several breeds along the way. He ran lead on my sled team for 8+ years and competed in many races and endurance runs, including the 72 mile mail run across the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Mickey started his life with me as an 8 week old puppy and lived on the South Fork of the American River in a tent. I was a guide for a commercial rafting company and he came along on quite a few trips. He was the camp mascot and enjoyed everyone he met. Mickey died of hemangiosarcoma at 10 ½ years old. He produced 9 litters in his lifetime and passed on his great working temperament.


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Maddie was my first Portuguese Water Dog bitch and the complete opposite of Mickey in temperament. Bred by Kathryn and Cyril (Buzz) Braund, Maddie was feisty to say the least with a temperament that put my training skills to good use. She died at 4 after contracting botulism from an old bone she found buried in the home we had just moved to. She passed on her zest for life and spitfire personality to offspring.


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Corrie was my second Portuguese Water Dog bitch, bred by Sonja and James Santos. Corrie was mostly de Alvalade breeding and had a beautiful temperament and a very lush wavy coat. Corrie died at 12 due to an inoperable lipoma in her heart that caused fluid to fill her pericardial sac. UC Davis said the tumor was inoperable and not cancerous, but deadly because it affected her flow of blood through the heart.


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ChanceChance was out of Mickey and Corrie, and a wonderful loving dog. She came when my oldest child, Josh, was 2 and my second oldest, Brianna, was 7 months, and helped me raise 5 more children. Chance was everything you could want in a water dog she enjoyed life completely and showed it. I started Chance with Tracking when she was just 5 months old and had to stop mid-season to give birth to my 3rd child, Michaela. We restarted the following fall and she earned her TD that spring in Utah. The following year she earned her TDX and we were invited by the El Dorado search and rescue team to join up. I became pregnant again and couldn’t complete the training program and by the time I was ready Chance was too old to start. She loved to track, and once put on a track, nothing could break her concentration. She would fly down the track at a run with me following and made every turn exact. Chance produced several litters of wonderful puppies and was always a great mother. She was never cross with any dog or person and passed that on to her offspring. Chance passed away at 15 years and 7 months from a massive stroke, a month after showing her final time at our Northern California Regional Specialty in Veteran Sweeps.


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